Tips To Choose A Good Dui Lawyer

Tips for Hiring a DUI Lawyer

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Hiring a lawyer usually becomes necessary at low points in life. It can feel like the world is against you and making choices becomes difficult. Like in most things in life, the more you know, the better off you will be.

Make the Decision at Home

Which brings us to the final tip. Don’t make a final decision about which lawyer to go within the moment. Take a moment to think it over at home and come to a final decision.

This avoids feeling like you are being sold by a lawyer. This also shows a level of professionalism from the DUI lawyer. Anybody that needs an immediate response may be too much in a rush, and not thinking enough about your needs.

Comfort and Confidence

This question brings in that human touch the strongest. A DUI lawyer may be less confident in their ability to win the case but match your personality. They may be enthusiastic about your chances but rub you the wrong way.

How you appear in court can make a difference in the end result, so you want to hit a solid note on both of these. The result effects you the most, so make sure you feel right before committing to a lawyer.

Assessment of Case

Lay out the details of your case. Work honestly and bring all the paperwork you have access to. The lawyer can’t make a good recommendation on your chances if you are not honest.

This also gives you a good idea of how the lawyer views you and the case. A lawyer that seems disinterested in the details may be a bad fit for you.

Legal Fees

The most important question keeps more to the numbers than the personal interests. The best fit for you, unfortunately, starts with the fit that you can afford. While hiring a DUI lawyer will be cheaper than the expense of a conviction, you will still want to work within a budget to prevent further problems for you and your family.



Look for an aggressive attorney who will fight your case. While it is not a guarantee that you can win your case, hiring a professional DUI attorney allows you to maximize your chances of getting the best possible result. Your attorney should be ready to file pretrial motions to prepare for a jury trial, to seek a dismissal or to put you in a better negotiating position.

Look for a DUI lawyer who is also experienced in DMV defense. Most DUI arrest will result in a driver’s license being confiscated by the arresting officer and issuance of a DMV form, titled, DS 367. Based on this form, the DMV can hold a hearing that can result in a driver’s license suspension.

How involved is your attorney in your case: There are attorney who will be hired by a client and never look at the file, preferring instead to delegate the case to another attorney. We take personal interest in each case and fight each case with zelous advocacy.

The number of DUI cases and trials attorney handled. Experience does matter and an attorney who handled numerous DUI trials and DUI cases will be better positioned to fight your case and get better deals or results at motions and trials.

The cost of the attorney: In selecting the attorney you can overpay an attorney and underpay. You can pay too much for services and you can also pay an attorney too little to get any qualify efforts from her or him. By keeping our overhead low, we are able to provide quality representation at affordable price.


Tips For Choosing The Right DUI Lawyer

Consider your situation. Before you start looking for an attorney, make sure you understand the charges against you, consider your game plan, and set a budget. Each of these will be important when choosing an attorney. Choosing an attorney whose practice is devoted entirely, or at least primarily, to criminal defense is essential because you don’t want an attorney who spends the majority of his/her time reviewing contracts to represent you in a criminal prosecution. Even better, look for an attorney who has a practice that is focused even more narrowly on DUI cases. Also, consider how you wish to resolve your case – plea agreement or trial because some defense attorneys have a reputation for negotiating great plea agreements while others almost always go to trial so it is important to consider which direction you are inclined to go with your case. Finally, there can be a fairly wide range of fees charged by attorneys. Usually, although not always, the disparity in fees reflects the disparity in experience. While this is not the time to shop for bargains, you do need to know how much you can afford to pay an attorney before you set out to hire one.

Ask friends, family members, and co-workers for a referral. Understandably, you may be reluctant to discuss your situation with people you know. Being arrested and charged with a crime is usually not something people are excited about sharing with others. You might be surprised, however, at how many people you know have either been arrested for driving under the influence themselves or had a close loved one who was. The reality is that being arrested for a DUI is just not that shocking, or uncommon, in the United States. A referral offers you first-hand information about an attorney. It isn’t just the positive feedback that can be helpful either. Sometimes, the negative experiences people you know had with the attorney can be just as helpful as the positive feedback.

Contact local and state Bar associations. Bar associations frequently offer lawyer referral services that can be searched using a variety of helpful criteria such as the lawyer’s practice areas, geographic location, even languages spoken. For residents of Omaha or he surrounding area, the Omaha Bar Association is a good place to start. The Nebraska Bar Association’s “Find a Lawyer” program is another good resource.

Search the internet. Choosing an attorney based solely on the attorney’s website is never a good idea; however, you can obtain a wealth of information by searching the internet for a Nebraska criminal defense attorney. You will likely find an attorney’s biography, the areas of the law the attorney practices, and how long the lawyer has been in practice, among other helpful information. Sometimes an attorney’s bio instantly resonates with a client, ultimately resulting in a successful attorney-client relationship.

Schedule consultations. Most Nebraska criminal defense attorneys will offer a free, or low cost, initial consultation. Once you have a short list of potential attorneys, schedule initial consultations with them to discuss your case. Be sure to prepare for the meetings by gathering documents and making copies for the attorney, preparing questions you have for the attorneys, and preparing yourself to answer some tough questions the attorney may have for you. By the time you are done with your consultations you should be ready to choose an attorney for your case.


Tips For Hiring The Best DUI Lawyer

Make Your Decision When You Have Time To Think About It

Much like a hiring manager might know during an interview when they found a promising employee, your instincts might kick in during one consultation or phone call and let you know that you have found your DUI lawyer or attorney. Still, it’s best not to make this decision at the moment. Tell any lawyer that you talk to that you need to think things over for yourself at home before you reach a final decision. Any lawyer or attorney who is not trying to oversell you and is an actual professional will respect and understand this. Anyone who says they need an immediate answer from you is likely rushing their work too much, and/or not considering your own needs enough to be trusted enough to represent you.

Narrow Down Your List Based On Comfort And Confidence

It’s simple enough to look up lists of possible lawyers qualified on paper to handle your case, and your consultations and interviews should narrow down who the real contenders are. However, you still need to pick one above all else, and this is more subjective than objective. This comes down to their confidence and how comfortable you are with them.

You might find a DUI attorney that doesn’t seem very confident about winning your case, but they suit your personality well. On the other hand, you might find someone very optimistic about winning for you, but you see them grating. You need to find someone that suits you both ways since your appearance as a team in court will go a long way towards good results for you, be it a trial or a plea bargain.

Consider The Firm Size

Even though you’re looking for a DUI lawyer for you, the size of the firm behind anyone’s lawyer can matter much. You’re more likely to have representation in all matters and hearings, and there will be more time and attention put into your case. It’s also more likely that the firm will have someone with good standing with any law enforcement or prosecutors involved in your case so that there won’t be prejudice or lack of professionalism that hurts your case.

Always Tell The Truth

The documents might not tell your potential attorney everything that they need to know. Be prepared to answer questions, and be honest when you do. Hold nothing back; otherwise, you might not get an accurate assessment of how your case is likely to go.

Part of the reason you want to hire an attorney is that they not only know the law but how to speak to other legal professionals, like prosecutors, district attorneys, and judges, about legal matters. Still, you will likely need to know specific terms that you might encounter. DUI is an acronym for driving under the influence, but your state might also use DWI, which means driving while intoxicated. Some states even use OWI for operating while intoxicated or OVI for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Take Advantage Of Free Consultations

DUI laws are a complex field, and always in a state of flux. Given that every case is a unique thing, the very facts can vary drastically in any situation. This is why you need a DUI attorney who can assess both the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

The majority of DUI lawyers offer free consultations to potential clients. Others might charge a nominal fee, but it can still be money that’s well worth it.

Phone interviews can be a good starter round, but for anyone you might get serious about using, you should meet in person face to face if you can.

Do note that some attorneys might have you meet with a member of their office staff rather than them. Good lawyers can be quite busy.

To prepare for consultations, you need first to make sure you have the necessary documents assembled and with you. That includes court documents spelling out your charges and court date, your bail papers, and if possible, the police report itself. You also need to add the search inventory report and other documents provided to you by the police, and the names of anyone connected directly to your DUI case, such as victims and/or witnesses.




One of the important things that you have to be careful with when hiring a lawyer is to make sure that you hire one that you can actually afford. In order to avoid having to deal with a situation where you cannot pay the lawyer, you have to first ask him how much does he charge.

Not every expensive lawyer is good, you have to keep that in mind. That means that you can find some good ones that are actually quite affordable and who are able to deal with dui penalties that you are charged with.

However, to find that more affordable one who is actually good, you have to do a very careful research. The easiest way would be if someone from your friends recommends you a lawyer that they have been hiring.

That way you know for sure that you can completely trust that lawyer and you know that he is good. You have to keep in mind that you should always ask questions in order to know more about the lawyer and his experience. This way if you don’t like what you hear, you don’t have to hire him.


Definitely, the first thing that you want to follow when searching for a good DUI lawyer is the reputation. If you have ever wondered how to find a good DUI lawyer, we will give you all the information that you need. People never think about having a lawyer ready at all times, they go searching for one when it is time to deal with the issue. Depending on the penalty you are facing, you might not have a lot of time to spend on searching, so you better be prepared at all times and find yourself one now.

If you want to hire a good DUI lawyer, you have to ask other people and search online to see if they have a good reputation or not. This way you can easily point out which lawyer is good or not. This method will save you a lot of time, money and stress.

Working with an inexperienced lawyer is never a good thing because he will not be able to fix your problem fast as some other more experience one, and with lawyers, time is money, so you will end up spending much more money than you initially expected.

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