Shocking Revelation Concerning New Electric Circuits Safety


An electrical circuit is a very important device in every home. It is the path through which electricity goes from a power source to an appliance and vice versa.

Are you a property owner planning to install a new electrical circuit in your home? If yes, then you have come to the right place. technicians take pride in knowing when it is necessary to add a new circuit and how to do the job in the cleanest and most efficient way.

As a property owner, it is advisable to always contact a professional company Electric to help you with your electrical needs.  Any residential property must have a solid electrical circuit and, thanks to the team of expert electricians, we have a reliable and efficient service. We will assist you in setting up your electrical circuits. We have a team of electrical professionals who understand the process of installing an electrical circuit. They will ensure that your system is installed safely and efficiently.

Apart from circuit installation and repair services, the experts Electric are proud to offer a wide range of electrical services and some of these include the following:

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Service Calls

New Circuits

Lighting installation

Electrical rewiring

Building Renovations

Electrical Testing Services

Electrical Repairs & Installations

Regular Electrical Maintenance

If you have a home improvement or upgrade project that requires electrical design, circuit installation or maintenance services, you will need the assistance of the experts. team of residential electricians are available to handle all home owner electrical problems.



Support for pause and resume simulations, ability to draw wires only by touching element’s pins and wires, placing elements by touching the desired point of the canvas, internal log viewer, view and export of the output results. See the App settings and release notes.

Custom components and subcircuits are new in version 2.5. You can set their SPICE definition, symbol or add a picture. New components will be available from the Web Components in the bottom bar.

Infinite scroller with fast buttons for setting parameter values is new from version 2.3. By tapping the name of the parameter you can set the parameter’s value also by a text dialog.

The time scale can be set manually in the Menu – Circuit Properties or using a horizontal pinch gesture on the Plot window in the Continuous mode of simulation.

is a set of tools used for building electronic circuits, SPICE simulation, and calculation of circuits. These tools are complemented by the information center containing resources, connector pinouts and short interactive book explaining basic electrical theorems, laws and circuits.


Electrical Circuits – How Many Should You Have?


The minimum number of electrical circuits  for a new home would be 4/5, as follows;


General Power outlets (GPOs)

Hob and Oven

Air Conditioning

Hot Water Service (Only if Electric)

Suggested Circuits

A good procedure is to have separate circuits for rooms that have heavy loads as well as separate circuits for major items.

This gives the following circuits for a 3/4bedroom house

GPOs Kitchen

GPOs Laundry

GPOs Living*

GPOs Bedrooms*

Lighting Living*

Lighting Bedrooms*

Hot Water Service**



Centralised Air Conditioning

Phase Power

If you want Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning for a large house or want Instantaneous Hot Water you will need 3 Phase Power. In this case it may be worth spreading the GPO and lighting circuits over the different phases.


New Electrical Circuits

Just because you have sufficient power for your home now is no guarantee that it is going to accommodate any additional demands that you place upon it. While many homeowners are under the impression that just adding circuits to the breaker box will handle any additional demands, this isn’t always the case.

Most homes are outfitted with an electrical panel that is suited to its electrical requirements, with a little room for increased electricity. Adding a circuit or two might be just fine to accommodate your new electrical needs, but it’s quite easy to exceed the safe threshold if you’re not careful.

When do you need to look into adding circuits or updating your electrical panel?

Any time you add an appliance to your home, you are increasing the demand on the electrical system. Consult with a licensed electrician before hooking up a major appliance to determine if your system is ready for the added load.

Whenever you set up a big holiday light display, this is one of the leading causes for needing upgraded circuits.

Hot tubs draw a lot of electricity and are almost always a time for installing new circuits and potentially upgrading your electrical panel.

If adding a new room to your house or other additional square footage is added, this will need to be accommodated by adding one or more new circuits to the system. Depending on the size and electrical requirements of your addition, the increase in amperage could require updating the electric panel as the only viable option.

If you’re unsure about the best course of action, consult with the professionals. We’re always happy to talk with you about all of your options over the phone. We’re happy to schedule an appointment at your property to provide a free estimate too, and to give you an in depth consultation in order to pick the very best course of action for your situation.


New smart Load Center brings app control to your circuit breakers

has announced a new version of its Load Center breaker box for homes, and it’s adding an integrated Wi-Fi or Ethernet hub that will let you manage your home electrical setup directly from your phone. That’s right: smart circuit breakers are here

There have been after-market products that can monitor energy use in your home before, but system goes a step further by integrating smart technology directly into the breaker box and individual circuit breakers, giving homeowners far more information on the power management in their homes.

The smart Load Center works with existing app for Android and iOS, and it gives ridiculously granular data on energy use in your home, letting homeowners track power consumption on a per-appliance or branch circuit basis, get alerts when circuit breakers trip and why they did, or even remotely shut off a circuit breaker from the app. In addition to the Load Center, will also offer smart circuit breakers to go with it, which will use the integrated hub to stay updated with the latest firmware. (It’s a mildly concerning phrase to see in the same context as “circuit breakers that control your home electricity.”)

There’s no word on price or release date, but it’s probable that this will be limited to professional electricians and developers to buy and install in houses they’re building, considering the sheer complexity of installing something like this. (It’s not the sort of hardware that you’ll use on your own for a weekend project.)

If you are building a home from scratch, however, it’s a pretty cool idea. Just remember to label all your circuit breaker switches right the first time around

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