Realizing The Importance Of Dui Lawyers


Statistics from MADD show more than 1.1 million vehicle drivers were apprehended by law enforcement for driving when under the influence of narcotics or drugs in 2014. More than seventy-five percent of the people arrested were male as opposed to female. Wondering how to find a good DUI lawyer? Keep reading to find out

Driving when intoxicated poses a great risk not only to yourself but also to others. When you have been caught by law enforcement, you will need a lawyer. While it’s true you could utilize the services of a court appointed lawyer – it is highly likely you will be much better off by deciding to hire the services of an attorney of your own

Searching For A Lawyer

A competent DUI lawyer will listen to you, have an understanding of your case and then assist you in court is not always easy to find. It may be a wise to ask friends who you trust as well as family members to see if they have any recommendations or suggestions. Next, assemble a list (perhaps a spreadsheet can be used) include the name of the attorney, their area of practice, contact details and their address. If you have spoken to them, write down the cost of their services in another column. Furthermore, check the background of any lawyers you are considering. The State Bar website will have useful information on any malpractice in their history. Also ensure they are licensed to practice law in the area you live.

A good DUI lawyer will cost about $350 per hour but prices can range between $200 and $500 per hour or more. The average total costs for a DUI Lawyer is about $6,500 with prices varying from $5,000 to $8,000 in the USA for 2019-2020 according to Thervo. Learn more about DUI Lawyer Costs.



No matter what the circumstances are, being charged with a DUI can be devastating. Most likely, a million thoughts are frantically running through your mind. You’re probably wondering, “How did this happen? Will I have to go to jail? How am I going to defend myself in court?” Your natural inclination is to panic, however, there are ways to defend yourself. There is no guarantee that your case will be resolved in your favor. But, the best thing that you can do to protect yourself from a guilty verdict is to hire a good lawyer

Finding a DUI Lawyer

Think about it. If you have been getting bad headaches, you’re going to make an appointment with a neurologist, not an oncologist. You need a doctor that specializes in head and brain care in order to get the best treatment. An oncologist or some other type of doctor probably has some general knowledge concerning head problems. But, if you want the best treatment, you see a doctor that works with brain functioning and the nervous system

It’s the same with lawyers. It’s true that lawyers can work on many different kinds of cases. However, most lawyers work with a few types of law. If you have been charged with a DUI, you don’t want to retain a lawyer that deals mostly with divorce cases. This lawyer can do the research necessary to be able to represent you in court. But, they aren’t going to be experienced in DUI cases. Some other type of lawyer might do a good job, but when the stakes are this high, “might” isn’t good enough.

Finding the Right Lawyer

It’s not enough to just hire a DUI lawyer and be done with it. Not all DUI lawyers are the same. Some are incredible, but some are mediocre. Some are affordable, while others are expensive. Fortunately, there is one way that you can sort through the good, the bad, and the ugly at no cost to you. Free initial consultations are offered by most DUI lawyers in Connecticut. Consultations can help you get a feel for a lawyer before you hire them.

Meeting with a Lawyer

Lawyers understand that trusting someone to represent you in court is a big decision. For this reason, many lawyers offer a free consultation in which you can meet with a lawyer in order to discuss your case before retaining them. At this time, you can explain the situation that you are in to the lawyer and ask any questions that you have. A good lawyer will be interested in your case and start planning out a strategy for your case during this initial consultation.




Frederick Slone has successfully defended DUI cases in the state of Alaska for over 30 years. At Kasmar & Slone, you’re assured of being represented by a lawyer who understands drunk driving laws, what it takes to build a solid successful defense, and one who will guide you through this ordeal.


The best way to find an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer is by reputation. Ask other lawyers in the area for recommendations as to the best DUI attorneys. Ask them who THEY would hire if arrested for a drunk driving offense


Another excellent source for finding an experienced and competent drunk driving defense attorney is the National College For DUI Defense, a non-profit legal organization committed to the education and training of DUI defense lawyers. The College admits DUI attorneys selectively.


As drunk driving cases can be very complex, you should look for an attorney who devotes the majority of his or her practice to the defense of DUI cases.


Above all, you must have a sense of comfort and confidence about your case after meeting with an attorney. If you don’t trust the attorney, you should look further.



When you are facing a DUI charge you have a lot on the line. Your reputation, criminal record, driver’s license, even your freedom are all at stake. You need an attorney that has experience and specialized training on your side. DUI law is an ever changing area of the law with continually evolving case law, complex scientific testing devices and voluminous data and law enforcement training manuals available. In short, there is a lot of information to know and apply when it comes to properly defending a DUI charge

National College of DUI Defense:

College Members represent the most experienced DUI Defense attorneys in the county. The National College of DUI Defense is an invite only non-profit organization aimed at improving the criminal defense bar and to educating the public about DUI defense law as a specialty area of law practice

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Certification:

DUI defense lawyers that have participated in this training are certified to administer and interpret the standard filed sobriety tests to NHTSA standards. Less than 1% of practicing attorneys have received this specialized training. The NHTSA program is the exact same program that law enforcement officers take. The certification takes 21 classroom hours to obtain and encompasses in depth training on the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Test, Walk and Turn Test and the One Leg Stand Test

Science of Breath Testing Course Certificate:

DUI defense attorneys that have participated in this course have spent time working with the equipment law enforcement uses to administer breath tests on drivers suspected of DUI. If your lawyer has participated in this training then they have an advanced knowledge of how breath test machines work, what faults the machines have, what maintenance the machines require and what protocols an officer must follow to correctly administer the test.

American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys:

Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys have received advanced level training on the strategies that win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial. Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys also have access to the resources and tools that are used to win and successfully resolve DUI cases. The resources and tools AAPDA members have, only a very small percentage of DUI attorneys have access to and use including law enforcement manuals, testing protocols and validation studies



A drunk driving charge can have a devastating impact on your future. Aside from the high cost of legal fees and court fines, the charge will always remain on your record and may lead to difficulties in your professional life.

Experience with DWI

Many people have a misconception that any criminal defense attorney will be able to handle their DWI case. While drunk driving is under the umbrella of criminal law, not every criminal attorney handles that type of charge

Go Local

Don’t go for a big national firm for your DWI case. They’re expensive and likely won’t know the area too well. In fact, you may want to start your search will well-established lawyers near where you live.

Look at Online Reviews

Online reviews play a pivotal role when deciding on products and services. Lawyers are no different. When trying to find representation, look at the online reviews of anyone you’re considering. You’ll get more insight into their professional demeanor and track record.

Get a Personal or Professional Referral

Personal referrals provide a unique and effective way to find the perfect DWI lawyer. It has a few advantages, one being that it’s free. You also get a first-hand account of an attorney’s performance and a glimpse into how they conduct business. When it comes to personal referrals, it helps to use discretion. Only ask someone you trust, or someone you know has gone through a similar ordeal

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